Sepura DRM SBM8000 met RSM.jpg

Sepura SBM8000

  • De SBM8000 is een geavenceerde en zeer complete DMR mobilofoon.

    Deze mobilofoon is leverbaar voor zowel de VHF- als UHF-band en daarmee uitgebreid inzetbaar voor diverse sectoren, zoals: transport, facilitair management. productieomgevingen, openbare gebouwen en beveiliging.

    De mobilofoon is voorzien van een ETSI PEI interface voor koppeling naar applicaties zoals de SICS dispatcher.


  • Channel capacity 1024
    Frequency 36-174MHz
    Dimensions 60 x 177 x 184mm
    Weight 1500g
    Power supply 13.6V DC (min 10.6V, max 15.6V)
    Current drain 800mA (standby)
    2A (Rx@rated audio)
    11A (Tx @ 25W)
    14A (Tx @ 40W)
    LCD 1.77" TFT
    Language Multiple language capability


    • All Call:  talk to all groups at once and allow approved users to respond
    • Broadcast Call:  send to everyone at the same time 
    • Group Call: instant team talking
    • Private Call: one to one calling
    • Busy Channel: prevents talking over other users 
    • Scanning and Priority Scanning: don't miss any calls on other channels
    • Transmit Inhibit:  prevents co-channel interference
    • Transmit Interrupt: override conversations when you need to
    • Call Alert: an audible tone informs a user of a private call
    • Contact List:  for easy selection for private calling
    • Caller ID:  see the identity of who's calling
    • Dual Capacity Direct Mode: two simultaneous conversations on a simplex channel
    • Emergency Call:  takes priority
    • Emergency Call & Live Mic: takes priority with hands free
    • Remote Monitor: remotely hear what users are saying
    • Radio Enable/Disable/Kill: take remote control of lost or stolen radios or undesirable users
    • Radio Check:  check which radios are in range
    • Status Messages: send updates on activity
    • Text Messaging: send basic information when non-urgent
    • Zones: for easy selection of user groups